New Zealand continues to cope with the wide-ranging effects of COVID-19 – and, as you know, the Level 4 Lockdown meant we needed to put a hold on all in-person training at Shift E-tec premises and offer, where possible, our training online.

Now, as we move into Alert Level 3, it means we are able to look at a limited reopening of our premises and, in some instances, run our in-person training once again. It’s important to note, though, that this will only be for courses that have a practical component that is considered essential by EWRB and cannot be offered online.

For those courses we can reopen, we need to first ensure the health and safety of you, our trainees, as well as our staff. The details on how we will do this can be found at the bottom of this post.

We will be getting in touch with all our trainees individually over the coming weeks, to discuss what will work best for you.


So which courses will be opening for in-person training at Shift E-tec?

 EWRB Stage Practical’s, Trainee Limited Certificate and Competency Programmes 

  • Shift E-tec will be open to deliver practical courses and assessments, including Safety Training, for these programmes.
  • Places are restricted, as we need to keep group sizes at a maximum of 10. Preference will be given to 1) those of you who have existing bookings and 2) those who’s training was postponed during the Alert Level 4 restrictions. 
  • The in-person practical courses that will be run at Shift E-tec premises will begin from Monday 4 May.
  • Some courses require that you must have completed your CPR and basic first aid training first.We have secured the services of Ambulance EMT to carry out this training under strict safety and hygiene protocols.  All participants will be required to have a temperature and wellness check before taking part in this training. 


Which courses will be continuing with online training only during Level 3?

 Electrical Regulations and Theory Block Courses

  • Shift E-tec will soon be offering online block courses through a virtual classroom.
    • transfer to the Virtual Classroom online block course or;- If you have an existing booking for the Electrical Regulations and Theory Block Courses, you can choose to:
    • wait until NZ moves to Alert Level 2 to continue with face-to-face classes.
  • The team at Shift E-tec has been working hard to ensure these online block courses are as effective as learning in a face-to-face environment.
    • The Virtual Classroom uses state-of-the-art software with real-time audio, video, slides, chat and sharing of screens.
    • Students can engage through sharing icons, polling and breakout rooms.
    • Sessions may be recorded so you can review them prior to the EWRB examinstion.
  • If you take the course and fail to pass the EWRB examination, you will be given the opportunity to attend a later face-to-face course at no additional charge.


New Zealand Certificate in Electrotechnology and New Zealand Certificate in Telecommunications 

  • These programmes have been continuing online throughout Alert Level 4 and online delivery will continue as normal. 
  • Tutors are working from home and available online to respond to queries and review assessments.   
  • We are also offering daily on-line tutorial sessions for learners using our Virtual Classroom.  Please refer to your Moodle page for further details. 


What if I still don’t feel comfortable about returning to Shift E-tec for training?

We are aware that everyone has different circumstances thanks to the challenges of Covid-19. So if this is the case, and you are either uncomfortable attending in-person training, are in an at-risk category or have some other reason for not wanting to attend, just let us know. We will be able to postpone your training, at no extra cost, until a later date.


Health & Safety – just what are you doing to keep us safe during Alert Level 3?

Health & Safety is our number one priority. What that means is that all classes will need to:

    • Restrict class sizes to a maximum of 10 people
    • Have strict contact tracing protocols in place
    • Ensure there is appropriate physical distancing taking place
    • Provide appropriate PPE;
    • And have strict hygiene standards in place.

To find out more about how we will keep you safe during Covid-19 Alert Level 3, click the button below.


My Health & Safety


If you have any other queries regarding training or anything else, just contact our Customer Service Team at or on 0800 030 500. We are happy to help.