All in-person training will be running under Alert Level 2 4 months ago

As a result of the New Zealand Government’s announcement about the move to Alert Level 2, we will be reopening our doors and allowing the in-person training for all of our courses to start back-up again. 


What you need to know 

  • We will be open to deliver all practical courses and assessments, including the Safety Training, for these programmes. Course offerings that were provided digitally prior to the lockdown, will remain online.  
  • All in-person training will begin to be offered again from Monday 31 August. 
  • Course dates and availability have been updated on the website and bookings/registrations of interest can be made via the relevant course pages.
  • An Ambulance EMT will carry out the training for courses that require trainees to complete CPR and basic first aid training. This training will be done under strict safety and hygiene protocols. In addition, all participants will be required to have a temperature and wellness check before taking part in this training.  


What if I still don’t feel comfortable about returning to Shift E-tec for training? 

We are aware that everyone has different circumstances. So if this is the case, and you are either uncomfortable attending in-person training, are in an at-risk category or have some other reason for not wanting to attend, just let us know. We will be able to postpone your training, at no extra cost, until a later date. 


Health & Safety – just what are you doing to keep us safe during Alert Level 2? 

The health and safety of you, our trainees, as well as our staff is our top priority and strict protocols will be in enforced to keep you safe. This means that all classes will need to: 

  • Have strict contact tracing protocols in place 
  • Ensure there is appropriate physical distancing taking place 
  • And have strict hygiene standards in place. 

To find out more about how we will keep you safe during Covid-19 Alert Level 3, click the button below. 


Level 2 Health & Safety


If you have any other queries regarding training or anything else, just contact our Customer Service Team at or on 0800 030 500. We are here to help.