Confined Spaces


This one-day course is designed for anyone required to enter a confined space as part of their work. Examples of confined spaces include: storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boilers, silos, pits, pipes, sewers, shafts, ducts and shipboard spaces.

The course covers the minimum Health and Safety training for work in a confined or restricted space. It covers the requirements of NZQA unit standards 17599, 18426 & 25510.

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You will learn

  • The required legal documents covering confined space entry
  • Examples of confined spaces
  • The main hazards of confined spaces
  • The control measures to eliminate or minimise the confined space risks
  • Emergency procedure plans
  • How to test to confirm a suitable atmosphere exists
  • Awareness of confined space rescue procedures

Benefits of doing this course at Shift E-tec

  • Shift E-tec has state-of-the-art industry leading facilities
  • Our highly trained staff are amongst the most experienced and well regarded in the industry
  • You'll be learning from trainers who go the extra mile for their students
  • At Shift E-tec we pride ourselves on having 'the human touch' - our trainers know what it's like to be a new immigrant adjusting to a new industry environment and a new culture

Course dates

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