WTC 4 (Confined Space)


Confined spaces can be very dangerous. Sadly, every year there are far too many fatal accidents caused by people not following the correct safety procedures while working in confined spaces.

This one-day course, tailored to the telecommunications workplace environment, meets Chorus’ minimum standards for Health and Safety for any work on the Chorus network in a confined or restricted space. It covers the requirements of NZQA unit standards 17599, 18426 & 25510.

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Benefits of doing this course at Shift E-tec

  • Shift E-tec has state-of-the-art industry leading facilities
  • Our highly trained staff are some of the most experienced and well regarded in the industry
  • You’ll be learning from trainers who go the extra mile for their students
  • At Shift E-tec we pride ourselves on having ‘the human touch’ – our trainers know what it’s like to be a new immigrant adjusting to a new industry environment and a new culture

You will learn

  • The required legal documents covering confined space entry
  • Examples of confined spaces
  • The main hazards of confined spaces
  • The control measures to eliminate or minimise the confined space risks
  • Emergency procedure plans
  • How to test to confirm a suitable atmosphere exists
  • Awareness of confined space rescue procedures

Course Details

This course and examination costs $245 (including GST).

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