Electrical Service Technician


Block Course (Theory and Practical)

This course covers the underpinning theory included in the EST examination, safety training (including safe working practices, testing, basic first aid and CPR) and completion of the practical assessment required by the EWRB.

The EST licence allows you to work as an Electrical Service Technician. Work typically includes servicing commercial refrigeration units and maintaining 3-phase electrical equipment.

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Prerequisite requirements

There is no prerequisite for the EST course and examination.  Candidates are advised, however, that in order to obtain Registration, you will need to demonstrate to the EWRB that you have completed 18 months practical training/experience as an Electrical Service Technician, obtained whilst holding a Trainee Limited Certificate (TLC).  This must include at least six months training/experience on multi-phase appliances or fittings and experience disconnecting/reconnecting from a power supply.

Info and requirements

Course costs include the required legislative documents for the course. See the enrolment pack on the right of this screen for a full list of supplied materials.

You will also find a list of tools and test instruments that you must bring to the assessment.

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