Associated Tradesperson - Auckland


This course is for Registered Plumbers and/or Registered Gasfitters who wish to carry out authorised electrical work, such as the installation of water heaters and the servicing of waste disposal units.

It includes a pre-learning distance module followed by a three-day practical course and covers the underpinning theory included in the ATP examination and completion of the practical assessment required by the EWRB.

After successful completion, you may apply to the EWRB for your practicing licence. The ATP licence allows for the connection or disconnection of fittings to or from a power supply, other than by means of a plug or pin inserted into a socket, or an appliance connector inserted into an appliance inlet, provided that the electrical rating is not greater than 250 volts and 16 amperes, but in relation only to your associated trade and in those areas only where your competency has been satisfactorily demonstrated to the Board.

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Benefits of doing this course at Shift E-tec

  • Sheft E-tec has state-of-the-art industry leading facilities
  • Our highly trained staff are some of the most experienced and well regarded in the industry
  • You’ll be learning from trainers who go the extra mile for their students
  • At Shift E-tec we pride ourselves on having ‘the human touch’ – our trainers know what it’s like to be a new immigrant adjusting to a new industry environment and a new culture

Prerequisite Requirements

You must already be a Registered Plumber and/or Gasfitter to participate in this course. 

Course dates, times and miscellaneous info

In order to prepare for this examination and practical assessment you will be required to attend a three day block course.

We recommend that people enrol early, to enable them to complete the course preparation. Recommended time for this part of the course is at least six weeks.

Call us on (09) 573 1964 to confirm when you could begin studying with us.

Course costs

If you’d like to find out more about the Associated Tradesperson (Plumbing, Gasfitting) training, exams and assessments get in touch today. Our staff can provide the information and advice you need to kick-start your career.

Availability: Please select which course or region you prefer to study at, eg - Associated Tradesperson either Wellington or Auckland or Christchurch. 

Please contact us on 09 573 1964 for either individual or group bookings information, or email

This course and assessment costs: $995.00 (including GST)

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Course Dates

Wednesday 7th of October, 2020
3 day block course(Wed-Fri) 8.30am - 4.30pm
Wednesday 2nd of December, 2020
3 day block course(Wed-Fri) 8.30am - 4.30pm